by The Priceduifkes

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released March 22, 2014

Songs by the Priceduifkes

Recorded December 2013 at Penthouse Studio. All engineering, mixing and mastering done by Filip De Bot.

Artwork by Jo Van Laer

Released as MZ#34. Check www.monsterzero.nl



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The Priceduifkes Belgium

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Track Name: 50%
They are a gun and they are a knife
You better be glad you’re still alive
But it’s alright so
They are a knife and they are a gun
The third World War has just begin
And it’s alright so
I don’t know where I’m going and I don’t know where I’m from
And I don’t know how to solve this ‘cause I don’t know right from wrong
Now I wonder if I’ll ever find a way out of all of this
‘Cause it seems that all I do is never hit but always miss
Track Name: How High Can You Bounce?
Here’s to the brainless jobs
here’s to conveyor belts that never stop
Where people work their asses off

Here’s to another day
Of working for minimum wage
It starts to feel like getting spat into the face

But then again I don’t know who’s actually losing here
I don’t think I would ever trade my life for yours it’s way too boring
Just give me all your money now, ‘cause I’ve got better stuff to spend it on
Come on, let’s have some fun

Here’s to your tiny world
Your house, the golf court and your work
Your employees who all think you’re a jerk

Here’s to your boring life
To your career and to your wife
When was the last time that you felt alive
When was the last time that you really felt alive
Track Name: Losing You
Girl, it feels like I’m losing you
No matter what I say, no matter what I do
I can’t make you see

That I really wish you’d stay
No matter what you did no matter what they say
Please come back to me

You know I think about you all the time
All those awesome years that you were mine
I know I hurt you but I can’t rewind
So let’s hit the play-switch and let’s go on for a while
See if it turns out fine
I’m sure we’ll be alright
So let’s give it one more try
Track Name: Captain, We're Drinking...
Captain, we’re drinking
There’s no time for thinking
I‘m sure that we will be okay

Tonight we might drown
In these oceans of rum
But tomorrow there’s another day

The ocean’s quite wild
But we’re gonna be wilder tonight
So you better beware

But no worries Cap’
‘Cause tomorrow we’re back
Cleaning deck like we don’t even care
Track Name: Creep Like Me
They say there’s something wrong with me
Stare out of the window, all fucking day
I look at you but you don’t know I’m there
I keep a list of all the clothes you wear

I got a picture of you as a kid
I got it wrapped around my dick
I think you’re pretty, what do you think of me
Am I the kinda guy that you want to meet

Don’t you wish your boyfriend was a creep like me?

Don’t you wish your boyfriend was hot like me
Don’t you wish your boyfriend was a stud like me
Don’t you wish your boyfriend was cool like me
Don’t you wish your boyfriend made you drool like me
Don’t you wish your boyfriend was fun like me
Don’t you wish your boyfriend made you cum like me
Track Name: This Blows
BM3, don’t you know you’re not the one for me
BM4, every day I hate you just a little more

PL6 PL71 D4 E89
And this day has just begun

BM4, every day I hate you just a little more
BM5, I wish you never came into my life

PL6 PL71 D4 E89
This day has just begun
Can’t stop looking at the time

Stand up straight and don’t complain
Eight hour countdown every day