by The Priceduifkes

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Wake me up, wake me up. Someone get me out of here, someone please save me. Wake me up, wake me up, I think I am going crazy. I hope this is just a dream, bad things coming after me.
When we went to the beach it was raining for days. But all we were there for was Middle-Eastern babes. Then the sun came through and we were at the bay. Unfortunately so was the NVA. No burkini beach party tonight.
1:38 01:38
It’s 1:38 and I’m still wide awake. I will need some sleep, otherwise I’ll be late. At my work, ‘cause I’m starting at 5:55. Got some fuel tanks to make for the rest of my life. And that might sound like shit. But in fact it’s OK. ‘Cause it’s only 8 hours, then I’m on my way. To see you again, and it’s been a while. Needless to say that I’m so fucking siked. At half past 2, that’s when I’m seeing you today. And I can’t fucking wait. Half past 2 that’s when I’m seeing you today. But it’s only 1:38.
I can’t help but feeling like some sad fucking clown in a crappy little circus in some lifeless town. And I can’t wait to get out because I hate this place and this stupid makeup on my face. Everywhere I go I fuck things up somehow. No matter how I try I can’t get it figured out. It’s raining shit and I’m not wearing rubber boots today. Nothing ever goes my way. It’s raining shit, can you believe it. Neither could I, until I could feel it. And you don’t realise what it means to be dry till you’re all soaking wet and you’re covered in crap. Everywhere I go I fuck things up somehow. I can’t help but feeling like some sad fucking clown.
Needed some time away, left on a holiday. Just took my bike and rode, until my ass felt sore. Some town in middle France, no signs of any romance. First hostel on the right, looked good enough by night. Bonsoir, bienvenue, est-ce-que vous êtes perdu? I asked to stay the night, somehow she seemed surprised. First floor, second left, don’t think I’ll ever forget. So far everything well, ‘till I picked up that smell. Then this whole trip turned to a nightmare, what was I supposed to do. Should’ve left while I still could, I should’ve thought this whole thing through. Greetings from Angerville. The food sucks and I’m feeling ill. The water’s cold, the mattress hard. An empty minibar. What am I doing here? There’s nothing on TV. This whole room smells like fart. Just fill up that minibar.
Full Clown 02:32
I took me quite some time but now I finally see how things will never-ever be the way that they used to be. So now I gotta be strong, because I gotta move on, I gotta stop being the baby boy that I have become. I might go out and party tonight. See some people and I’ll have a good time. And maybe I will barf all over the place. It will be as if I were never away. We’ll do some shots first and we’ll see where we get. It won’t be far I guess but we’ll see about that. If I’m still standing when the bar closes down we’ll find a club where we can go full clown.
Miracle Man 02:06
Friday night, but ain’t got a crew. Looks like it’ll just be me and you. Looking for something to do. Some trouble to get into. Meet at mine, have a drink or two. Some illegal substance too. Take a cab and a hotel room. Take a walk on the hotel pool. I turn water into wine. I turn wine into puke. Turn your stuff into trash. Turn your weed into ash. I’ll turn your underpants into a hat. Yeah it’s a miracle, man. I’ll turn your panty socks into a whip so run as fast as you can. Meet at mine, have a drink or two. Some illegal substance too. Take a cab and a hotel room. Take a crap in the hotel pool.
I Can Dance 01:21
Went to see the Crackups and a bunch of stupid bands. Then some some annoying hipster told me that I shouldn’t dance. I know I can dance, I know I can dance. Don’t say I can’t dance, I know I can dance. I can dance. I thought I was allowed to even though I was aware. It wasn’t Hof Ter Loo, but then again I never cared.
Danni’s in denial. But I just read her file and I know she’s not okay. Poor little Danni, she’s one of many. And I’m so sorry. I’m not there for her. She’s not okay…
You might have missed me on the social media today. Well don’t you worry friends, I’m still doing OK. No pics no tweets no posts, it must have been a boring night. There was one blurry snapchat, that looked quite alright. Fuck that shit, I’ve had it, your screen’s not all that there is. Just lift up your head and put it to the test. I’m just to busy having a blast. I gotta go now but I don’t know where I left my pants. This 50 year old chick just asked me for a dance. “Hey how’s it hangin’, how’s things going on the interwebzzz. You’re looking real amused, I’m missing out I guess.” Don’t you know that I’m always ready? Don’t you know that you’re always missing out?
Alarm clock going at 5 AM, your boss yelling ‘cause you’re late again. The machine keeps making the shrieking sound, and you don’t have a clue how to turn it down. Then you’re in the car on the way back home, and it’s the worst fucking song on the radio. That’s the sound of your brain crackin’. When you’re finally home after a shitty day, and your stuff’s still there, but hers is away. And you can’t think of something you did wrong, but it sure seems like she’s really gone. So you go to the couch but it’s gone as well, and you pray that the bitch will burn in hell. As you go to the kitchen to take a seat, there’s one new message on the answering machine. Have you ever heard the sound, with your head in the ground. And you’re afraid to say, and it won’t go away.
Getwood City 02:19
Fucked up on antibiotics and beer. There’s no place I’d rather be than here. There’s no way that these germs are keeping me home tonight. And when I wake up the next day, hungover and marker all over my face, I’ll curse everyone. But in the end I know next year I’ll be there again. Getwood City, where the girls are pretty. Where the nights are long, and the mornings shitty. Take me back to the basement now, I wanna go back to the basement now. Getwood City, where the floor is sticky. Where the pizza sucks and the promotor’s pretty damn faded now. Yeah we’re all worn out. Let's go back!


released February 25, 2017


all rights reserved



The Priceduifkes Belgium

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